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old Beautiful Lebanese Artists in Strong Times (BLAST)

How it all started:

After the traumatizing explosion of August 4th 2020, BLAST started as an opposing force to all damage where even the word of destruction in itself has been redefined and altered to defy all odds and claim survival. BLAST have become Beautiful Lebanese Artists in Strong Times.


Under the leadership of Rashet Kheir, BLAST has intended to empower youth-led initiatives that upcycle household furniture damaged by the explosion and hence generate new objects of value from scraps and debris. BLAST has aimed to elicit good feelings, facilitate community participation, and create jobs in the arts and crafts sector by building furniture and aesthetic items from scraps, with the goal of assisting the designated affected communities in recovering from the catastrophic port explosion. The goal has been to give teenagers a place to express themselves while also contributing to the community through cooperative activities with children and seniors.


The BLAST workshop has pertained tutoring sessions which equipped young people with new skills while helping them develop their present talents. It further evolved into a platform for the youth to express themselves via art alongside producing useful or aesthetic products out of rubble or garbage that has lost its value as a result of the Beirut Port Explosion.

The Individuals were taught on cooperation to develop beneficial tools needed to strengthen communities and minimize social challenges caused by differences. They were also encouraged to recognize cultural versatilities, respect gender equality, eliminate social conflicts, and foster a peaceful culture.

A total of 210 hours of work at BLAST delivered by 13 tutors, 13 wall paintings, 24 restored items, 48 new created items, 182 kids’ arts and crafts in addition to 14 Psychosocial support sessions were completed engaging 99 unique participants (27 women, 23 men and 49 kids). Our activities were supported by 14 partners, sponsors, and suppliers.