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  1. What is Rashet Kheir?
    Rashet Kheir is a Beirut-based non-profit organization that strives to empower marginalized communities through promoting community connections, personal and professional growth, arts and culture, and access to fundamental needs.

  2. Is Rashet Kheir a religious organization?
    No, Rashet Kheir is a secular nonprofit organization that serves all communities regardless of religion or belief.

  3. What kind of programs does Rashet Kheir offer?
    Rashet Kheir offers a diverse set of programs aimed at youth empowerment and community development. These programs include educational programs, capacity-building workshops, community outreach initiatives, and art therapy programs that use creative expression as a means of healing and growth.

  4. How can I get involved with Rashet Kheir?
    Rashet Kheir offers various ways for individuals to get involved with our mission, such as volunteering, donating, supporting our social media channels, and raising awareness about our programs.

  5. How does Rashet Kheir ensure that its programs are effective?
    Rashet Kheir conducts regular assessments and evaluations of its programs to ensure that they are meeting their intended goals and having a positive impact on the communities we serve.

  6. Does Rashet Kheir accept donations?
    Rashet Kheir gladly accepts donations as part of our efforts to further develop empowerment activities for the youth and support the community.

  7. What are the types of items that can be donated to Rashet Kheir?
    Rashet Kheir welcomes a range of donations to support its mission of empowering vulnerable communities. Donations can include clothing, books, food, school items, furniture, medicine, eyeglasses, and monetary donations. Additionally, volunteers can also donate their time and expertise to help with various projects and programs.

  8. Can I specify a purpose for my donation?
    Yes, you can specify a purpose for your donation. We have had several cases where donations were earmarked for food, medicine, direct cash donations, and other purposes, and we worked accordingly and sent a report to the donor on agreed upon metrics.

  9. How does Rashet Kheir protect the privacy of its clients and beneficiaries?
    Rashet Kheir takes the privacy of its clients and beneficiaries very seriously and implements strict confidentiality protocols to protect their personal information.

  10. Can I partner with Rashet Kheir to implement a community project?
    Yes, Rashet Kheir welcomes partnerships and collaborations with individuals and organizations that share our mission.

  11. Does Rashet Kheir offer services outside of Beirut?
    Yes, Rashet Kheir offers services throughout Lebanon and strives to reach vulnerable communities in all regions of the country.

  12. Does Rashet Kheir only work in Lebanon?
    While Rashet Kheir is based in Lebanon, we also collaborate with partners and organizations around the world to support communities in need.

  13. Does Rashet Kheir have partnerships with other organizations?
    Yes, Rashet Kheir has partnerships with a variety of local and international organizations that share our values and goals.

  14. How can I stay updated on Rashet Kheir’s activities and events?
    You can follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, or check our website regularly for updates on our programs, initiatives, and events.