Rue 54 - Getaoui Sector, Bldg 22 - GF

Ousssama Abou Haouili

For a long time, I felt lost and unable to find myself or a sense of belonging. I never had the opportunity or time to join classes or clubs that could teach me new skills and provide valuable lessons. However, with Rashet Kheir, I finally found what I had been searching for. After exploring their different clubs, workshops, and volunteering opportunities, as well as the self-support they offer, I joined all the activities they offer. Through these experiences, I discovered my interests and hobbies, and learned essential skills for my personal, social, and professional development. Rashet Kheir helped me realize my dreams through their workshops and arts clubs which greatly contributed to my social and personal development. In addition, the volunteering opportunities they provided helped me develop professionally. I particularly appreciated the counseling and psychological support that Rashet Kheir offered, which helped me overcome personal challenges and grow as a person. Rashet Kheir is like a family, providing an open and safe space where I can freely express myself, my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and support they have given me, and would like to extend special thanks to Miss Ilda, Jean Paul, Pamela, and all the peer educators who guided and supported me throughout this journey.