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Rashet Kheir is a youth-led NGO founded on pillars of creativity and innovation to better advance the Lebanese society after having been exposed to economic relapses. While focusing on mental health alongside inclusivity in terms of gender, disability, age group, and nationality, Rashet Kheir aims at establishing bonds of peace and affection as a mean to create one coherent community having heterogeneity as its driver.


“To steer and cheer”

As our name suggests, we try to spread benevolence and goodwill in all our areas of intervention through activities of art, music, awareness and economic development. Our programs mesh between education to spread insight, and imagination to breed ideas of culture and progress, all in order to establish goals of gender equality and wellbeing as goals of sustainable development.


With an emphasis on economic inclusion and financial security, we envision a harmonious Lebanon with individuals being capable to express their full potential in academia and the professional life. Our prospects involve an empowered happy community trespassing the most challenging times of disdain through sharing their racing ideas and voicing out their plans. We conceptualize a community where wellbeing is emphasized amongst families and the most vulnerable, so that society’s most fragile fabric is shielded with education, leisure and Rashet Kheir.


After the traumatizing explosion of August 4th 2020, BLAST started as an opposing force to all damage where even the word of destruction in itself has been redefined and altered to defy all odds and claim survival. BLAST have become Beautiful Lebanese Artists in Strong Times.

BLAST The Ripple

Due to the major success of BLAST which solidified Beirut’s cracks, The Ripple came as an extension to further solidify the rocked down youthful souls. The Ripple stepped in with an emphasis on professional growth, arts and writing skills to elevate people’s knowledge as defiance mechanism.


Inspired by a woman stepping on a dandelion, the desire to interact with Karantina’s children 4 months after Beirut port’s explosion elevated. The “Paint a Vision” event was designed as an open and constructive venue for youngsters to express themselves by painting on a “Graffiti Mural” in their environment, as a mean to unleash their feelings in a joyful, colorful, and casual way.

Colorful Bridges

With Lebanon being a host community to multiple nationalities and with the Lebanese themselves being expats in so many other countries, this project has started as a recreation of reality which, as Rashet Kheir viewed, has needed a bridge of compassion and understanding.

One Body... A Million Youth

A Challenging Year that turned out good on different levels with our hopes, hard work, dedication, kindness and smiles


The Ripple

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Capacity Building

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Community Space

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Youth Skills

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Building Repair

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Planter Box

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Our Team

Ilda Nahas Founder

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Walid Mukahhal

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Caren El Hajj

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Georges Jazzar

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Nader Abi Haydar

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Elise Nasrallah

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We believe In empowering youth

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Youth Skills


Capacity Building


Community Space


Planter Box

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Together Spreading Kindness

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